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Edwin Luk

Edwin Luk is an accomplished entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in real estate IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) consulting. 

With a steadfast commitment to assisting Canada in the pursuit of its climate change objectives, armed with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Environmental Economics, as well as certification in Project Management, Edwin embarked on a transformative journey by co-founding Sysconverge Inc.

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Professional Experience

As a Partner at Sysconverge, Edwin offers expert guidance to clients dealing with architectural and engineering challenges. Notably, he facilitated a project that resulted in substantial  savings for Mount Sinai Hospital through energy reduction strategies and collaborated with the University of Toronto on a range of projects, spanning from environmental monitoring to energy optimization. Edwin’s expertise also encompasses the optimization of IT and OT networks and energy efficiency projects.

With his forward-thinking strategy that integrates these innovations to not only streamline building operations but also to bolster sustainability efforts, Edwin also leads initiatives to transition buildings from Smart to Thinking entities. He harnesses a diverse array of technologies such as Blockchain, Analytics, Network Infrastructure, Security, and AV to drive this transformation.

Expanding beyond Sysconverge, Edwin owns SENC Group Inc., where innovative solutions to the real estate sector across North America and Asia are being developed. The project’s remarkable achievements include assisting to secure the lease for Microsoft’s flagship New York store and offering advice to self-storage facilities for cost reduction and revenue enhancement.

Edwin’s professional credentials are fortified by a range of Licenses & Certifications. He has completed the No Code AI and Machine Learning: Building Data Science Solutions program through MIT Professional Education, enhancing his proficiency in cutting-edge technologies. Additionally, Edwin holds certification as an Information Management Practitioner from Operam Academy, underscoring his expertise in managing and leveraging data effectively. Further expanding his skill set, Edwin has successfully completed the Beyond Smart Cities: Emerging Design and Technology course offered by MIT MediaLab, demonstrating his commitment to staying at the forefront of innovative design and technology solutions.


Backed by a robust educational background from the University of Toronto, where he earned a BA in Economics (1998 – 2002), Edwin Luk combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience, enriching his approach to addressing complex challenges in the realm of IT and OT consulting. His academic foundation, coupled with over a decade of hands-on experience, equips him with a deep understanding of economic principles and sustainability practices, enabling him to offer innovative solutions tailored to Sysconverge’s operations and objectives.


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