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Ian Ho

P. Eng., LEED AP

Ian Ho is a seasoned consulting engineer with over a decade of experience. Dedicated to revolutionizing engineering, Ian is co-leading Sysconverge to focus on both profitability and environmental sustainability for his clients. 

With degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Technologist (Design), Ian aims to transform engineering methods in the real estate industry to drive measurable environmental improvements.

Ian Ho of Sysconverge

Professional Experience

Ian’s professional journey is marked by a commitment to innovation and sustainability in engineering consultancy. Since assuming the role of Partner at Sysconverge Inc. in 2015, Ian has spearheaded transformative solutions to intricate architectural engineering challenges, benefiting a diverse clientele encompassing commercial building ownership, advisory services, and operational management. His achievements include implementing substantial cost-saving strategies at Mount Sinai Hospital, fostering collaborative initiatives with esteemed institutions such as the University of Toronto, and collaborating with firms, such as JLL, to drive efficiency and sustainability in engineering practices.

Prior to his leadership role at Sysconverge, Ian amassed six years of invaluable experience as a Project Engineer at WSP/MMM Group and The Mitchell Partnership. During this period, he honed his expertise in tackling complex engineering projects while maintaining a steadfast dedication to integrating profitability and environmental consciousness into engineering practices. Ian’s proficiency in engineering methodologies, coupled with his strategic acumen, positions him as a catalyst for success within Sysconverge and the broader engineering landscape.

Additionally, Ian holds the esteemed LEED AP certification, underscoring his commitment to sustainable building practices and environmental stewardship. This credential further exemplifies his dedication to driving positive change in the engineering industry by advocating for environmentally responsible approaches and fostering sustainable solutions for his clients.


Ian pursued his academic journey with a strong focus on engineering and the broader spectrum of social sciences. At Lakehead University, he delved into Mechanical Engineering from 2005 to 2007, laying the groundwork for his technical expertise and problem-solving skills. Prior to his tenure at Lakehead, Ian honed his engineering knowledge at Centennial College, where he pursued a Mechanical Engineering Technologist program from 2002 to 2005, specializing in the practical applications of mechanical engineering principles. Alongside his technical pursuits, Ian expanded his horizons at the University of Toronto, where he explored Economics and Political Science, adding depth to his understanding of societal dynamics and economic principles. This multifaceted educational background equipped Ian with a holistic perspective, blending technical proficiency with a nuanced understanding of socioeconomic factors, essential for his endeavors in engineering consulting and sustainability leadership.


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